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Food Price Increases

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1.  Featured: Can You Guess What Percentage Of Americans Are Having Trouble Paying Their Grocery Bills?  


Zero Hedge News
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70% of Americans are having difficulty paying for food. At least the Ukrainians must be well fed.

2.  Food prices are rising as countries limit exports. Blame climate change, El Nino and Russia’s war  


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climate change takes a toll. Experts say food stocks that the world is able to draw on have diminished in the past two years and that increased volatility

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3.  Will We Eat Bugs? A French Biotech Firm Thinks So  


Zero Hedge News
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Will We Eat Bugs? A French Biotech Firm Thinks So Authored by Emma Suttie via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), The edible insect industry is booming. And although the thought of eating bugs may be unappealing, insect protein is already being used for aquaculture, livestock feed, pet foods, and many product...

4.  Kenya seeks divine help to end crippling, ongoing drought  


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Kenya seeks divine help to end crippling, ongoing drought

With the prospect of a sixth consecutive failed rainy season in the east and Horn of Africa, Kenya’s president is hoping the heavens will finally open with the help of a national day of mass prayer on Tuesday

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5.  Is Florida running out of orange juice? Record prices put the squeeze on consumers  


Climate crisis | The Guardian
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Extreme weather and a prolific citrus disease have plagued Florida’s orange crop, sending prices through the roofHas breakfast in the US ever been this expensive? The recent eggflation seen across the country has caused an uproar, and now orange juice is adding to the financial pain.Orange juice future...

6.  The Fertilizer Shortage Will Persist in 2023  


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New year, same shortage of fertilizer.  The fertilizer crisis that has been steadily growing since 2021—when the World Bank reported a 66-percent increase in the price of fertilizer, thanks to shortages—is likely to persist throughout 2023, according to a study by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) along with the World Trade Organization (WTO). The shortage of the vital agricultural input stems from a combination of pandemic-fueled supply chain issues, Russia’s war in Ukraine—both major exporters of agricultural commodities such as fertilizers and the compounds used to make them—and high inflation. The resulting market leaves fertilizer

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