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Food Prices

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1.  A Warning From A Farmer  

The coming food shortage from a farmer's perspective. Simple, honest eloquent and scary.

2022-06-20 PermaLink
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2.  UN food chief says 'Hell on Earth' looms from hunger crisis triggered by Ukraine war  


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As food prices and hunger surge worldwide, hundreds of millions of people around the globe are “marching towards starvation”—increasing the likelihood of preventable deaths, civil unrest, and political violence in the months ahead—the United Nations food chief warned Thursday.Speaking from Addis Ababa...

3.  Turkey & Russia Say 3 Ukrainian Ports Can Now Be Accessed By Grain Ships  


ZeroHedge News
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Turkey & Russia Say 3 Ukrainian Ports Can Now Be Accessed By Grain Ships Authored by Kyle Anzalone & Will Porter via The Libertarian Institute, Ankara and Moscow have put forward potential solutions to reopen Ukraine’s Black Sea ports, with Russia offering safe passage to ships while Turkey said it coul...

4.  Ukraine helps feed the world – but its farmers, seeds and future are in danger | Michael Fakhri and Sofia Monsalve  


The Guardian
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Even in the midst of war, we have to think about recovery. Seeds are what make future life possible. Without seeds, it is very difficult to rebuild a food systemThe war in Ukraine has made the food crisis triggered by the pandemic worse. People in Ukraine not only fear for their lives but are facin...

5.  Soaring Food and Energy Prices Drive Inflation Higher in May  


Counter Punch
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The May report is mostly bad news. The jump in energy and food prices were expected, nonetheless it will hit consumers hard. It seems likely that the rise in interest rates and slower growth will reverse price increases in more areas soon, notably cars, but it has not happened yet. Soaring energy an...

6.  In Africa, Conflict and Climate Super-Charge the Forces Behind Famine and Food Insecurity  


Inside Climate News
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Jeffrey Maganya has spent the last three decades of his professional life trying to prevent people from going hungry. But in all those years, something beyond his control has crept into the work, slowly growing like the heat. Now, he’s battling another hunger crisis. In four counties of northern Kenya...