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Border Industrial Complex

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1.  The Officer of the Future: Facial Recognition and the Border-Industrial Complex  


Counter Punch
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Nowadays, most travelers entering the U.S. have to undergo this weird thing: after officials take a headshot, software determines the geography of your face, including the distance between your eyes, the distance from your forehead to chin, and different facial landmarks. Your facial signature then become...

2.  60,000 Migrants Waiting In Mexico Across Border From El Paso, Texas  


Zero Hedge News
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60,000 Migrants Waiting In Mexico Across Border From El Paso, Texas Authored by Charlotte Cuthbertson via The Epoch Times, In the past two weeks, more than 60,000 migrants have amassed in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, directly across the border from El Paso, Texas, in anticipation of Title 42 being lifted fro...

3.  Joe Biden Is Delivering Big for the Border-Industrial Complex  


Jacobin Magazine
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First, it was the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) vehicles speeding along on the road in front of our campsite. Then it was the Border Patrol’s all-terrain vehicles moving swiftly on a ridge above us. I was about ten miles north of the border with Mexico, near Peña Blanca Lake in southern Arizona...

4.  Clothes, shoes, passports: migrants forced to dump possessions at US-Mexico wall  


The Guardian
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Personal belongings left behind, including files and passports that could prove crucial in processing claimsIn Yuma, south-west Arizona, just a short distance from a gap in the 30-foot-high border barrier between the US and Mexico, Fernando “Fernie” Quiroz collects piles of shoes, shoelaces and clothin...

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