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1.  Rad Indie Media  


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Waging war, or not, is a choice. Mainstream geopolitical reporting pretty much ignores this miniscule reality and covers the ever-simmering possibility of war.

2.  A Horrible Billionaire Unconcerned With Human Suffering Is a Fitting Choice for 2021 'Person of the Year'  


Common Dreams - Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community
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Musk does perhaps appropriately embody what was an all-around sick year in terms of capitalism and the related maladies of coronavirus and climate change.

3.  Climate Chaos: What to Learn From 2021  


Common Dreams - Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community
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To keep acting as if there wasn't war declared against the planet and humanity is to accept we are already defeated. Continuing to play their game can only guarantee collapse. It's time to flip the table.

4.  Liz Cheney's moving with the urgency of someone racing against time. Democrats should take note  


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In my last column of the year, I wrote about the urgent efforts of Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming to uncover enough evidence against Donald Trump to compel the Department of Justice to criminally prosecute him. She's a woman working against the clock since Republicans stand a good chance of retaking th...

5.  Corrupting Science: in Syria probe, OPCW erased experts' inconvenient findings  


Aaron Mate
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Early in the OPCW's Douma probe, expert toxicologists ruled out chlorine gas as the victims' cause of death. Top OPCW officials censored this finding, and then targeted the inspector who raised alarm.