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Uncensored News Architecture

An overview of the architecture of UncensoredNews.US

There is tremendous censorship and propaganda on the internet, particularly about climate change information.  The way to circumvent the censorship is with RSS and Mastodon. 

UncensoredNews.US is a bespoke web application for curating news.  It is literally a tree of categories, a taxonomy, containing links to articles.  It is built on the Forest Wiki.   You can browse the categories starting here.  It is not that hard to show the taxonomy as a single page table, or as multiple tables

The web server imports RSS feeds and Mastodon timelines.

Here you can see the articles imported from the Guardian RSS feed.  Those are just the articles from their climate change news feed, not from their other news feeds.  When I first import an article, I do not know if it is good or not, I call it a listed article, and display it with a white background.  It is searchable.  If I like the article, I make it recommended, the color changes to grey, and I move it to the correct category.  For example in the world bank category, the fourth article is by the Guardian. It was imported as an RSS feed article, reviewed, approved, and moved to the right category.   To see all of the article by the Guradian Climate Crisis News Feed, both listed and approved/categorized, just search for them.

RSS also lets me import an image for each article.  There are currently more than 55762 articles on the site.  Not much text, but that would be a lot of disk space for the images so I only import the images of the articles I have approved. The process of approving them, automatically crawls the article and imports the image.

Of course this is all limited by my ability to curate.  I am not able to create a steady stream of new curated articles.  When I go on vacation or get focused on software development, curation slows down, the web site gets old, and people loose interest.  The solution is to use Mastodon feeds.  There are numerous people on Mastodon curating news.  Here is the news I import from @Snoro@Mastodon.Social  and from @takvera@c.im.  I only import their English language toots with links. If there is no link, or only links to another Mastodon server, I do not import the toot.  Some of the articles from their feeds are missing, as I already moved them to another category.


 Built using the  Forest Map Wiki