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What congres is doing, and what the members earn after retirement.

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1. The Squad (0)
News about @AOC and the rest of the squad. Great messaging, questionable actions. 2021-10-12
2. Covid Relief Bills (0)
A progressive view on the various Covid Relief Bills. 2021-10-12
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8. Chips Act (0)
1.  Police Arrest Rep. Jamaal Bowman During Voting Rights Protest at the Capitol  


Truth Out
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The progressive lawmaker had joined hunger strikers on the eighth day of their protest.

2.  Congress's 1/6 Committee Claims Absolute Power as it Investigates Citizens With No Judicial Limits  


Glenn Greenwald
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The Committee plotted with JPMorgan and its lawyer, former Obama AG Loretta Lynch, to obtain a citizen's financial records with no possibility of judicial review.

3.  Defense lobbying hits eight-year high ahead of defense spending bill  


Original Journalism from OpenSecrets News
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The defense sector spent $98.9 million lobbying in the first three quarters of 2021 ahead of the NDAA passing the House.

4.  US Congress approves massive $770 billion war budget  


World Socialist Web Site
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The strategic orientation of the huge military bill is to prepare for war against Russia, China or both. Coupled with Tuesday’s vote to raise the debt ceiling, congressional Democrats have satisfied their two main constituencies: the Pentagon and Wall Street.

5.  Senate Rejects Sanders’s Resolution to Block $650M Weapons Sale to Saudi Arabia  


Truth Out
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The White House issued a statement supporting the sale despite Biden’s promises to help end the war in Yemen.

6.  How Congress Loots The Treasury For The Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex  


Popular Resistance
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Despite a disagreement over some amendments in the Senate, the United States Congress is poised to pass a $778 billion military budget bill for 2022. As they have been doing year after year, our elected officials are preparing to hand the lion’s share - over 65% - of federal discretionary spending t...

7.  Climate Deniers in the 117th Congress  


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There are 139 elected officials in the 117th Congress who still deny the scientific consensus of human-caused climate change.

8.  Dems and GOP Fight About Domestic Spending — But Not About Huge Military Budgets  


Truth Out
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Journalist Jeremy Scahill says there's a bipartisan consensus when it comes to the military budget and intervention.

9.  VIDEO: Kyrsten Sinema’s Latest Pharma Payday  


The Daily Poster
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On this week’s Daily Poster/Breaking Points discussion, Andrew Perez discusses Sinema’s new Big Pharma reward for gutting Dems’ drug pricing plan.

10.  VIDEO: Why Congress Doesn't Care What Voters Want  


The Daily Poster
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On this week’s Daily Poster/Breaking Points discussion, Sirota discusses why popularity doesn’t matter.

11.  Conservative Democrats’ Lucrative Career Path  


The Daily Poster
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Democratic senators who oppose core party agenda items and upset the base can’t lose — because if they do, they get paid.