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1.  Punishing Whistleblowers at the United Nations  


Counter Punch
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The United Nations prides itself on exposing, monitoring and noting the travails and vicissitudes to be found on this troubled planet.  It also prides itself on being the premier international institution that protects, or at the very least keeps an eye out for, the principles of the Charter that underpi...

2.  If US Congress Really Wants To Protect FBI Whistleblowers  


The Dissenter
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FBI and US Justice Dept have long resisted changes that would offer meaningful protection for FBI whistleblowers. Here's what Congress should do.

3.  The Other Drone Casualties: The Whistleblowers Who Tried to Stop It  


Common Dreams - Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community
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The United States continues to play prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner of anyone on the planet. Despite a decade of air carnage, the only person in prison is the man who exposed it.

4.  FOIA Friday: How Bureau Of Prisons Handled My Request For Comment On Daniel Hale  


The Dissenter
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Become a paid subscriber and every Friday we'll let you know what records related to whistleblower stories we're trying to uncover through FOIA.

5.  KARE 11 Outed a Whistleblower to the Minneapolis Police. He Killed Himself.  


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A Minneapolis city employee blew the whistle, and killed himself after he was identified and fired. Nearly six years later, there has been no official accountability nor substantive media coverage of this corrupt investigation. Alan Ditty—union pipefitter, husband, and father of two— died on March… Th...