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1.  US Officials Can Guard Against Havana Syndrome With This Innovative Home Solution  


Caitlin Johnstone
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As the dire threat of Havana Syndrome gains increasingly widespread acknowledgement, the US government employees who’ve been finding themselves targeted by these attacks are desperate for a way to protect themselves from this electromagnetic menace. Luckily, scientists at the Pentagon’s Defense Advance...

2.  Greens to enter government in Scotland after members back cooperation deal  


Bright Green
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History has been made today as Greens are set to enter government for the first time in the UK. Scottish Green Party members voted to approve the cooperation agreement between […] The post Greens to enter government in Scotland after members back cooperation deal appeared first on Bright Green.

3.  The Turning Point in the US Civil War  


Letters from an American
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A very nicely written piece about the turning point in the US Civil War. I think we at the turning point in the Climate Change War.

4.  Americans Are at Least $27.6 Billion in Debt to Courts  


Jacobin Magazine
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The calls would come at all hours of the day, sometimes as early as 6 AM. Whenever Matt Holland answered the phone, the nameless individual on the other end would be pushy and disparaging, then would turn menacing. The nature of the call was always the same: You have to pay your debt; there is […]

5.  EU Parliament Overwhelmingly Votes to End Caged Animal Farming  


Common Dreams
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1.4 million people across Europe signed a petition to End the Cage Age, and MEPs are now calling for a ban by 2027.

6.  What do animals feel? Humans must follow the evidence to find out | Jonathan Birch  


The Guardian
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Accepting Animal Sentience is the first step towards treating them humanely. I still want to eat them. I do not even have a category for animal rights.

7.  'Completely Unreasonable': Dems Slam GOP Demand for No Corporate Tax Hikes in Infrastructure Plan  


Common Dreams
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Democratic Senators within a bipartisan group negotiating an alternative to Joe Biden's $2.3 million infrastructure bill proposal are attacking Republicans for their refusal to support including corporate tax hikes. The GOP's unwillingness to budge on this and other policy issues could make it more likely that the Democratic Party eventually supports eliminating the filibuster.

8.  Insect 'apocalypse' in U.S. driven by 50x increase in toxic pesticides  


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Bees, butterflies, and other insects are under attack by the very plants they feed on as U.S. agriculture continues to use chemicals known to kill. And the bad bugs are evolving to survive.

9.  The violence that shaped us  


The Editorial Board
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A powerful story of the long term effects of being whipped when he was a child. Not news, but well worth reading.

10.  John Le Carre Interview  


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John Le Carre is not only an excellent novelist, he also has an excellent understanding of modern political dynamics. An excellent 1 hour video from my daily dose of Democracy Now on this slow news day.

11.  What Do We Fix First?  


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The first half of this article is a review of the recommendations from the Brookings Institute of what needs to be changed in our system of government.