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Green New Deal

President Biden announced a Green New deal. Here is the news about it.



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1.  The Green New Deal Goes Local  


Counter Punch
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Ithaca, a city of 30,000 people in the Southern Tier of New York state, has pledged to be carbon-neutral by 2030. The city government is leading the way by implementing a strategy to achieve full decarbonization, including all areas of the economy. That means vehicles, buildings, the electric grid, waste...

2.  Japanese service turns 15,000 restaurants nationwide into food kitchens for needy kids  


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In Japan idle restaurants are being used to feed hungry kids. How civilized. We should do the same, and use the restaurants to provide proper distancing for small classes.

3.  More Than 1,000 Scientists Sign Letter Urging Pres. Biden to Cut Emissions in Half by 2030  


Common Dreams
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Not a very interesting article, but it is important to know that it happened.

4.  Big Oil's Embrace of Carbon Pricing Called PR Ploy to 'Avoid Real, Effective Climate Action'  


Common Dreams
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I had long suspected that lobby groups pushing for a carbon tax were designed to draw energy away from real change.

5.  Solar farm will provide revenue stream in Jasper County, Indiana, as coal plant closes  


Yale Universities Climate Connections
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The 5,000-acre solar and battery storage development will go online around the same time that the local coal plant is scheduled to close.

6.  Biden Campaign Admits Plagiarizing Part of Climate Plan From Fossil Fuel Groups  


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Sections of Biden's plan echoed claims from the coal industry about carbon capture and sequestration.

7.  Biden plans to fight climate change in a way no U.S. president has done before  


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Former Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter explains what Biden's 'all hands on deck' approach could look like as the new administration takes on five big climate challenges.