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1.  It's A BIG Club & You Ain't In It!  

Why are the comedians best at telling the truth? He paints a perfect picture of the 1% controlling everything in America. The first minute istarts a bit slowly, but the remaining 4 minutes are a classic.

2022-05-10 PermaLink
2.  Video: What is Happening in the Global Currency Market?  

When they seized Russian, Afghan, Iranian, and Venezuelan reserves, they destroyed trust in the US dollar as a reserve currency.

2022-05-10 PermaLink
3.  How Socialists Solved The Housing Crisis  

In Vienna, Austria 64% of the public lives in high quality public housing with the average rent being $500/month. Housing should be a human right, not a profit center, and certainly not an investment vehicle for hedge funds flush with low interest government cash. By Twitter's @ZohranKMamdani . Via @GravelInstitute

2022-05-02 PermaLink
4.  How Uber Is Scamming You  

Uber has higher overheads than your local taxi company, and pays their workers less. Their business model is not efficiency, it is to develop local monopolies, and exploit labor. By @bigblackjacobin Via @GravelInstitute .

2022-05-01 PermaLink
5.  Manchin's 30-Year Corruption Scandal EXPOSED  

A 5 minute video which lays out Joe Manchin's corruption. Very well produced. Via @Faithslayer202.

2022-04-30 PermaLink
6.  GreenMaps.US Introductory Video  

GreenMaps.US is a collection of national and state maps of Green candidates, local Green parties, elected officials. It includes free web sites for 56 canidates and local parties. This introductory video will teach you what you need to know. 7 minutes

2022-04-30 PermaLink