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1.  Pentagon Just Admitted They're Unaccountable  

Quite funny, good information, and short. First 30 seconds are a little slow

2022-01-15 PermaLink
View In: Military Budget
2.  Degrowth Must Happen  

A beautifully made 12 minute video on how to end consumerism.

2022-01-15 PermaLink
View In: Climate Change
3.  Mama bear Nancy Pelosi checks on Kevin McCarthy’s staff on January 6  

Nancy Pelosi is polite to people, but she can still support terrible policies.

2022-01-09 PermaLink
View In: Nancy Pelosi
5.  Sudan's Unfinished Revolution Part 1: The Story Behind the Military Coup!  

2021-12-31 PermaLink
View In: Sudan