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1.  A record of due process problems in the 2020 Green Party US Presidential Candidate Nominating Process  

Here we have a quick video and 33 supporting links about the problems with the 2020 Green Party US presidential candidate nominating process. Click on view to see the links. Did I miss anything? Thank to all who contributed.

2022-05-19 PermaLink
2.  What is Regenerative Agriculture?  

Regenerative agriculture is an effective way to restore biodiversity and stabilize the climate, but what exactly is it? This video explores three different regenerative practices that have great potential both in food production and in healing the land. By @ceisenstein Via @FaithSlayer202. 4 minutes.

2022-05-17 PermaLink
3.  How Private Equity is Making Your Life More Expensive  

Private Equity buys up firms, fires workers, lowers quality, raises prices and then pays lower taxes in industry after industry. Health care, housing, nursing homes, and elsewhere. By @RBReich via @AlterNet. 5 minutes.

2022-05-17 PermaLink
4.  On Western Financial Capitalism: Decline of Dollar, Sanctions War, Imperialism, Financial Parasitism  

We are in the middle of a global economic war between western financial capitalism, and the rest of the world (which includes American workers). This 1.5 hour video is the best explanation of what is going on, helped along by his defining and distinguishing financial capitalism, from industrial capitalism.

2022-05-12 PermaLink
5.  When you should pick Ghost or Substack?  

He does a great job defining who should use which one, and why. 7 minutes.

2022-05-11 PermaLink
6.  It's A BIG Club & You Ain't In It!  

Why are the comedians best at telling the truth? He paints a perfect picture of the 1% controlling everything in America. The first minute istarts a bit slowly, but the remaining 4 minutes are a classic.

2022-05-10 PermaLink