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1.  Pentagon Just Admitted They're Unaccountable  

Quite funny, good information, and short. First 30 seconds are a little slow

2022-01-15 PermaLink
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2.  Texas Democrats are successfully suing to kick Green Party candidates off the November ballot  


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Democrats won legal rulings Wednesday blocking Green Party nominees for U.S. Senate, railroad commissioner and the 21st Congressional District from appearing on the November ballot.
4.  Here's What Medicare For All Supporters In Congress Can Actually Do  


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Progressives in the U.S. House have the leverage to make demands for both performative gestures and for substantive change. Will they?
5.  The Pharma Bait And Switch  


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These Dems say they aren’t sabotaging their party’s drug pricing plan, but their recent donation hauls suggest otherwise.
6.  Big Pharma’s Democrats  


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Three House Dems working to kill drug price legislation raked in roughly $1.6 million from pharma donors — and the top aide for one of them is now a pharma lobbyist.