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The Markup

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1.  This Children’s Hospital Network Was Giving Kids’ Information to Facebook  


The Markup
View In: Censorship By Facebook
When parents scheduled an appointment for their children on the Nemours page, Facebook received that information

2.  Applied for Student Aid Online? Facebook Saw You  


The Markup
View In: Facebook and Privacy
The FAFSA form included code that sent personal information back to Facebook

3.  More Than 50 U.S. Gig Workers Murdered on the Job in Five Years  


The Markup
View In: App Work
New report lists Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Instacart, and Grubhub worker victims, and the tally is likely even higher

4.  Washington State Looks to Become the Second, After California, Where Uber and Lyft Drivers Can’t Be Employees  


The Markup
View In: App Work
The bill, backed by the two companies, would prevent drivers from receiving some employee benefits

5.  Secretive Algorithm Will Now Determine Uber Driver Pay in Many Cities  


The Markup
View In: App Work
The company has long used ride time and mileage to decide driver pay but is now turning to an opaque calculation called “Upfront Fares”

6.  Data Provided by Amazon Workers Offers Rare Glimpse into COVID Cases in California Warehouses  


The Markup
View In: California Single Payer
Workers say getting sick leave and information on outbreaks can be a struggle

7.  Markup Mortgage Industry Investigation Cited in Support of Algorithmic Accountability Bill  


The Markup
View In: California Housing
The measure would require companies to test the algorithms they use for bias and discrimination

8.  Newly Public Documents Allege Allstate Overcharged Loyal California Customers $1 billion  


The Markup
View In: California Housing
A 2020 Markup investigation found the company pursuing similar goals in other states

9.  Bill Seeking to Outlaw Self-Preferencing by Amazon, Google Clears Hurdle in Senate  


The Markup
View In: Matt Stoler
The measure would address issues raised by multiple investigations from The Markup

10.  College Prep Software Naviance Is Selling Advertising Access to Millions of Students  


The Markup
View In: Covid and The Young
The software, often required by schools, enables colleges and universities to choose from an array of demographics, including race, to target prospective students.

11.  This Private Equity Firm Is Amassing Companies That Collect Data on America’s Children  


The Markup
View In: Privacy
Vista Equity Partners has been buying up software used in schools. Parents want to know what the companies do with kids’ data

12.  One Year After the Capitol Riot, Americans Still See Two Very Different Facebooks  


The Markup
View In: Media On Jan6
Data from The Markup’s Citizen Browser shows the platform’s partisan divide continues

13.  Why It’s So Hard to Regulate Algorithms  


The Markup
View In: By Algorithms
Governments increasingly use algorithms to do everything from assign benefits to dole out punishment—but attempts to regulate them have been unsuccessful

14.  Public Agencies Are Buying Up AI-Driven Hiring Tools and “Bossware”  


The Markup
View In: US GOvernment and Privacy
The Markup, through public records requests, found more than 20 public agencies using the sometimes-controversial software

15.  How We Determined Crime Prediction Software Disproportionately Targeted Low-Income, Black, and Latino Neighborhoods  


The Markup
View In: Justice
A trove of unsecured data allowed the first-ever independent analysis of actual crime predictions across the U.S. by the self-described software leader, PredPol

16.  How We Analyzed Amazon’s Treatment of Its “Brands” in Search Results  


The Markup
View In: Socialism Vs Capitalism
We found that Amazon routinely puts its own brands and exclusive products first, above competitors with better ratings and more reviews

17.  There’s a Multibillion-Dollar Market for Your Phone’s Location Data  


The Markup
View In: Privacy
A huge but little-known industry has cropped up around monetizing people’s movements