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Modern Discontent

Publishing Independent Science Papers on COVID-19 and Occasional Opinion Pieces about Science and Culture. Be evidence driven not narrative driven.


Modern Discontent

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1.  Adenoviral Vector Redux  


Modern Discontent
View In: Covid Side Effects
A look at why blood clots may be so prevalent with adenoviral vector COVID vaccines.

2.  A look into Novavax’s COVID Vaccine  


Modern Discontent
View In: covid Prevention
Is there any evidence of it being “safer and effective”?

3.  Myocarditis from Vaccines or COVID  


Modern Discontent
View In: Covid Side Effects
And why we apparently still don’t have reliable evidence about either.

4.  The Face of Pfizer's Whistleblower  


Modern Discontent
View In: Covid Shady Dealings
A few weeks ago the whistleblower who broke the news on data collection integrity of Pfizer’s clinical trials did an interview with the British …

5.  recent Ivermectin study retracted over “spreading misinformation”  


Modern Discontent
View In: Ivermectin
Analyzing the issues with the study and how this retraction is being presented.

6.  Pfizer Data Case Errors and Anomalies  


Modern Discontent
View In: Covid Shady Dealings
As more information comes out in regards to Pfizer and BioNTech’s data be on the lookout for many people’s analyses. Here’s a post from someone …

7.  Why was “Test to Treat” Never Implemented?  


Modern Discontent
View In: Covid treatment
Biden's State of the Union comment highlights everything wrong with how the medical community has approached COVID.

8.  Omicron-Specific Vaccines, and the Push for More Madness  


Modern Discontent
View In: Omicron
At what point do we push back against the incessant need to vaccinate, especially in the wake of Omicron?

10.  The Response to the Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict Encapsulates why I Walked Away  


Modern Discontent
View In: Rittenhouse
The media and the left continue to push lies, and they’ll keep losing supporters because of it.

11.  Could Companies be Collecting your DNA from COVID Swabs?  


Modern Discontent
View In: DNA Privacy
Your swabs don't contain just COVID, and biotech companies could be taking advantage of that fact.

12.  The Things COVID has Taken From Us  


Modern Discontent
View In: Costs of Covid
Sometimes it’s not about the numbers.

13.  Whistleblower Raises Concerns about Data Integrity and Research Protocols in Pfizer’s Clinical Trials  


Modern Discontent
View In: Covid Shady Dealings
Right when the FDA approved vaccinations for children, a scathing report highlighting serious scientific misconduct arises.