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1.  Degrowth Must Happen  

A beautifully made 12 minute video on how to end consumerism.

2022-01-15 PermaLink
View In: Climate Change
4.  Debunking the #1 MYTH About Medicare for All  

Jimmy Dore gives a quick high level overview of the reason for Medicare For All.

2021-12-28 PermaLink
View In: The Case For Medicare For All
5.  City Actually Defunded Police – What Happened?  

Jimmy Dore talks about what actually happened when Burlington Vermont Defunded the Police. What is really needed is civilian oversight of Police Departments especially around accountability. Thanks to: @IndLeftNews

2021-12-26 PermaLink
View In: Defund The Police
6.  Paul Beckwith Predicting Increased Weather WIlding  

When the arctic ice is gone, arctic heating will accelerate, the polar vortex will completely disappear, and the northern Hemisphere will exhibit increasing instability. You can skip the middle part about Covid, but I think he also gets that right.

2021-12-26 PermaLink
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