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Extreme Weather

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1.  Lake Mead Drought Update!!! What's Going On?!!!  

Video evidence of how fast Lake Meade is shrinking, going all the way back to 2000. Produced by people who drive pick up trucks to pull their power boats. Of course not a word about climate change, not even in the comments. In the middle they get sidetracked by rescuing a stranded truck. Maybe skip that part.

2022-06-21 PermaLink
2.  Why the worst drought in 1200 years happened ... and will get worse  

As the average temperature rises, evaporation increased by 42%. Combine that with naturally increased drought, and we have disaster looming. 6 minutes. A bit technical. By @CC_Yale. Via @GNDNewsleter.

2022-04-25 PermaLink
3.  Arizona water chief: Drier future arriving sooner than expected  

Finally an honest interview by the MSM about the coming water crisis. 10 minutes.

2022-04-23 PermaLink
4.  Rehydrating community and controlling flooding with in-street and street-side water harvesting  

A great way to harvest water from streets, rehydrae the soil, and prevent downstream flooding. Via @faithslayer202.

2022-04-23 PermaLink
5.  Holding Water: Working with Nature to Drought-Proof Your Farm  

At the Danthonia Bruderhof farm here in Australia - a land renowned for drought and flooding rains (and bushfires) - we're implementing Regenerative Agriculture practices, to work with nature to restore and improve our landscape. Via @Faithslayer202. By @NorannV.

2022-04-21 PermaLink
6.  PERMACULTURE PONDS: Why, Where & How  

The defense against droughts caused by climate change is to store water in artificial ponds. Here is what you need to know. Brilliant production quality. By @AndrewMillison. Via @Faithslayer202.

2022-04-21 PermaLink