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1.  Mama bear Nancy Pelosi checks on Kevin McCarthy’s staff on January 6  

Nancy Pelosi is polite to people, but she can still support terrible policies.

2022-01-09 PermaLink
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2.  Bidn Administration Transportation Department Doing Nothing About the Supply Chain Problem  

Quite entertain how they report on what should be happening.

2021-12-15 PermaLink
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3.  A Message From the Future With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  

A beautiful vision of a Green New Deal future by @AOC. Sadly nothing changed, she does not talk about it much anymore, So now it is also a critique of the Democrats time in control. Here comes Trump again!

2021-12-15 PermaLink
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4.  Tulsi Gabbard on the Navy Destroying the Water Supply of 100,000 Hawaiian Families  

Water is life. The Navy contaminated the water serving over 100,000 military & civilian families. Maybe permanently. They must be held responsible. 2 minutes long.

2021-12-13 PermaLink
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