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What an awesome collection.

Here is the original posting, where the author gave me permission to use his list.   Did he really delete the original posting or did it get censored.  I am waiting to hear back from the author.   Thank god that the browser caches links!

My plan is to import this data, split each link into a separate object, sort them into a taxonomy, and make them part of the Green Parties documentation of climate change.  I am particularly interested in working with the Young Ecosocialists.  


List of Climate Change Resources 1/3/2020

Updated - 8/6/2020 - added a website carbon footprint tool in the information section. Also added a new podcast.

Hello all. This document will feature a list of links to donations and lots of information that can help. Feel free to let me know if you have anything you’d like to add.

Free Stuff









Australia went through one of the worst bushfire seasons in 2019. A lot of damage occurred across homes and wildlife while firefighters worked themselves to exhaustion. This section offers some info and solutions on how to help.





The following are various links with some hard science. You can learn more about climate change and use it for debates if you’re looking for something more concrete.




Laws & Government

Electric Cars



Meat / Dairy Alternatives & Sustainable Foods

The following are just straight links to manufacturers websites where you can look over for more information.

Climate Change Anxiety

As always, please reach out for help if you feel you need it. We are all in this together so please seek professional help if you feel you are in trouble.


The following are organizations focused on tackling climate change. Many of them have chapters all over the world and are great ways to get more involved with people around you and around the world.

Lawn Care

Things In General

Things To Keep An Eye On

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