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Proprietary Algorithms

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9 recommended articles and videos in the "Proprietary Algorithms" category.
1.  LEVER WEEKLY: Defy The Algorithm  


The Daily Poster
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The struggle against a social and corporate media machine that manipulates the discourse and suppresses inconvenient truths.

2.  Big Tech’s Algorithms Are Built With Invisible Labor  


Jacobin Magazine
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Today we are so habituated to online platforms that it’s common to refer to trying to influence “the algorithm.” From what appears in your Twitter or Instagram feeds to what Google proposes in the search bar as you type, to the ads you’re served at every turn, hidden algorithmic processes serve you conten...

3.  Japan court ruling could force Big Tech to reveal their algorithms  


Reclaim the Net
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A precedent-setting case. The post Japan court ruling could force Big Tech to reveal their algorithms appeared first on Reclaim The Net.

4.  About Out of sight: the algorithms taking charge of our lives  


The Guardian
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A series exploring how the pandemic has supercharged the use of artificial intelligence tools at work and schoolThis content is supported in part through philanthropic funding to theguardian.org from the Open Society Foundations, which works to build vibrant and inclusive democracies whose government...

5.  Free Speech, Expensive Speech, Censorship, Social Media Algorithms, and Anarcho-Puritanism  


Counter Punch
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The corporate media shows us an endless stream of patriotic Ukrainians standing up against the Russian menace.  Then in their coverage of more local news, among the diverse crowd of truckers and other protesters occupying downtown Ottawa, only the most rightwing participants are highlighted.  Meanwhile...

6.  Are We Powerless Against Social Media Feeds?  


Counter Punch
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By choice or by necessity, many have accepted the ways in which social media companies deliver information to the public. Scrolling to get to the next target of our attention, or the next reason to procrastinate, or the next ad we don’t care about, is how hundreds of millions of people spend most o...

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